Let's say that someone says the word college and tells you to write down the first word that comes to your mind. Was the word expensive, pricey, or some other synonym? With college tuition fees reaching up to around $45,000 the word expensive has become sort of a pair to the word University. However, it turns out that you do not have to rob a bank just to graduate debt free. 

Brobible has reported a list of the ten cheapest colleges within the United States. The list was created by U.S News and World Report. Lets take a look at the colleges on the list:

10. Harris-Stowe State University

With a tuition rate of only $9,853 for out of state and $5,220 for in state, this St. Louis school should be on the list of colleges you apply to.

9. Rust College:

A tuition rate of only $9,500 makes Holly Springs, Mississippi seem like the perfect college town. 

8. Mayville State University

Out of state tuition is $8,835 and in state tuition is $6,380. Who else is packing their bags for four years in North Dakota?

7. Bemidji State University:

Tuition is $8,152 for both in state and out of state students. With this cheap price looks like you can definitely splurge on those concert tickets.

6. Southwest Minnesota State University

Tuition is $8,094 for both in state and out of state. Another Minnesota school on this list. If you go here you will have plenty of money to spend on hockey tickets.

5.  West Texas A &M University:

Out of state tuition $7,775 and in state tuition is $6,264. Looks like not everything is bigger in Texas.

4. Minot State University:

With a tuition rate of $6,390 another North Dakota school tops the list.

3. Delta State University:

With a tuition rate of $6,112 for both in state and out of state those living in Cleveland, Mississippi are pretty happy.

2. Brigham Young University

Tution rate of only $5,150 will have you cheering for the cougars.

1. Berea College

This college only costs a low price of $870 and it was the first inter-racial co-ed college of the south.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to go finish that degree.

Photo Credits: Ken Lund via Flickr Creative Commons