Summer is all about spending time relaxing, hanging out with friends and catching up on summer reading. But remember summer as a kid? When all there was to do was play outside, chase the ice cream truck and hang out at the community pool? Here are five awesome throwback activities for the summer.

1. Run through a sprinkler.

There is no better way to spend a boiling summer day than busting out the old sprinkler and cooling off. While you’re at it, grab some water guns and some friends and make it a full blown “water day.” Drink from the hose, put your feet in a baby pool and throw a water balloon at someone. 

2. Spend a day at the park.

Venture out to the park from your childhood and spend the day on the swings. See if you can still fit down the slide, touch the ground from the monkey bars or bring a blanket and just relax on the field. Bonus if you get there in time for the ice cream truck visit!

3. Go to an arcade/"paint-your-own" place.

Re-visit your local arcade or one of those “paint-your-own” places! This is perfect for a rainy summer day or one that’s way too hot to spend outside. Grab your friends, grab $5 and come home with a cheap arcade prize or a beautifully painted ceramic animal. 

4. Make a family trip to the beach.

Nothing screams childhood summer more than a day at the beach with your family. You don’t have to bring the beach toys, but bring the whole family along for a new and improved beach day. Don’t forget the sing along on the car ride there!

5. Go to an amusement park.

The best way to cap off your summer (at any age) is by spending the day with friends at your closest amusement park. All the same charm from when you were a kid, but no parental supervision!

Don’t forget to dust off your bike, catch up with old friends and make s’mores this summer. If this is your last summer at home (or your first one visiting), it is the perfect time to reminisce and find your inner kid again. 

Lead Image Credit: Brooklyn Morgan via Unsplash