USC student Markian Benhamou, like many male freshmen, was tired of being turned away at the door of exclusive frat parties every weekend. The world of frat parties proved to be built on connections and exclusivity, something Benhamou thought he had with an impressive follower base of 300,000 on Facebook and over 30,000 viewers on Youtube.

As a Youtuber and online personality, Benhamou has been thriving on the existence of his follower base, creating content that has reached millions of views on Facebook. In regards to his party predicament, he took that opportunity to create a video to make a statement on this “unfair reality” and expose the uniquely different treatment that girls receive than boys at these events.

Benhamou took viewers through his entire process of dressing up as a girl, from choosing the perfect wig to shaving his legs right before the party. He received immensely positive feedback, with viewers claiming that it was “hilarious” and praising Benhamou for having “a lot of guts.”

“When the guard stopped me, I completely thought they were going to catch me."

Of course, he didn’t accomplish the feat by himself. He approached the party with a cohort of girls beside him, but was stopped by a security guard to present his ID before being able to enter. In a moment of panic, Benhamou recalls that as his girl friends made their way in, he had to fumble for his ID that was in his bag.

“When the guard stopped me, I completely thought they were going to catch me,” he admitted. “I was alone in the light of the street standing upright like a boy and just keeping my head down.” However, he was able to walk through with his ID without uttering a word. “I was so surprised it worked,” Benhamou said, in retrospect of his actions.

After entering the party, Benhamou didn’t stay dressed as a girl. He quickly shed his persona in the bathroom and headed out to have some fun with his friends. When asked, Benhamou acknowledged that his intent for the video was more than just pure entertainment. He wanted to prove a point about college frat parties that many, including himself, was not aware of.  

Lead Image Credit: Markian Benhamou