About Fresh U

Fresh U is a national online publication geared toward college freshmen. Since launching in June 2015, Fresh U has grown to a staff of 300 contributing writers on more than 100 campuses and has a media partnership with Teen Vogue. The publication’s content ranges from the new experiences of college life to surfacing local news stories on college campuses using its network of contributing writers. The publication offers brands the opportunity to reach a group of newly minted, Gen-Z consumers who are making hundreds of purchasing decisions as they prepare for college life.

Meet The Team


Kate Beckman | Founder and Advisor

Kate is the founder of Fresh U, and currently serves as an advisor to the publication. After launching Fresh U while in college in 2015, Kate grew the publication to 100,000 monthly visitors and a national network of 300+ college writers and also secured an editorial partnership with Teen Vogue before graduating from Syracuse University. Now, Kate is the Content Manager for RippleMatch.com and serves as an advisor to the new student leaders of Fresh U. *Please do not contact me about guest posts or pitches for other publications. I will not respond. For serious advertising inquiries or giveaways, please contact Re'Nyqua or Lindsay.

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Ellie Day | Tech Consultant

Ellie is Fresh U's tech consultant. Having worked with Fresh U since its launch in 2015, she continues to provide support to the site today. In addition to coding web applications, she tutors and mentors women learning to code. She frequently participates in hackathons and makes the occasional trip to The White House for LGBTQ Tech Summits.

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Lindsay Wigo | Editorial Director

Lindsay is a journalism student and has been with Fresh U for the past 2 years! After working as a contributing writer, staff writer, and working with Fresh U's social media, she is ecstatic to be moving up the ladder. She hopes to work in the journalism field in the future as a features and profiles writer. For more of her work, visit her website: www.lindsaywigo.com

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Re'Nyqua Farrington | Director of Operations

Re'Nyqua is a Nova Southeastern University student, majoring in English education and minoring in Spanish. She began writing for Fresh U in the Summer of 2016 as a contributing writer and later as a staff writer. Re'Nyqua has also served as a junior editor for Fresh U and loved the job so much that she continues editorial work as a part of her duties to make sure everyone here at Fresh U not only feels welcome, but also like they’re part of a team. For more check out her website at: http://www.imxprs.com/free/renyquaf/home

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