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Nov 14 2015
by Taylor Laroche

4 Shows to Binge Watch to Get You Through Freshman Year

By Taylor Laroche - Nov 14 2015


Six very attractive people living in stellar apartments in New York City, despite never actually going to work? Realistic goals! *Sarcasm* But actually, you have to watch Friends at some point in your life, and this is the perfect time! Each of the episodes are less than half an hour, so you could fit some in on your lunch break, and everyone loves it! If for no other reason, Friends is a great ice breaker. You can talk about it with virtually anyone. Ask them who their favorite (and more importantly, least favorite) Friend is and things will continue on from there. Maybe you'll even create a group of six very attractive people, yourself. (Complete series available to stream on Netflix).


Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is the most feel-good show I've ever seen. An independent single mother and her bookish teenage daughter cope with life, not only as mother and daughter, but as best friends. This show will help you combat loneliness, homesickness, and general nervousness towards this new chapter in your life. While the show does touch on some difficult topics, the small Connecticut town of Stars Hollow is filled with so many crazy characters and quirky festivals, you'll always have something to feel good about. Not only that, but the Gilmore Girls will never shame you for your unhealthy eating habits or excessive coffee drinking, but will always introduce you to great movies, books, and music. Eventually, though, you will have to pick: Chris, Max, or Luke? and Dean, Jess, or Logan? (Complete series available to stream on Netflix).


 Sex and the City

Another girly classic, Sex and the City is funny, smart, and sexy. Carrie Bradshaw, relationship columnist, and her three gal pals go on awful dates so that you don't have to (or at least so you don't have to feel so bad about the ones you've been on). Through relationships, marriages, pregnancies, and dates who stood them up because, well, they died, these women have seen everything. Watching Sex and the City is like joining a club. Once you're in, you'll find friends everywhere who constantly debate about Mr. Big and Aidan, Trey and Harry, Richard and Smith, and Robert and Steve. The question is: which girl are you and what does that say about your shoes? (Complete series available to stream on Amazon).


Jane the Virgin

A telenovela is a Latin soap opera and Jane the Virgin is a beautiful marriage between a comically melodramatic telenovela and an ABC Family drama. Complete with a self-absorbed father figure, two super cute love interests, an alcoholic doctor, an over the top narrator, and at least one plot twist per episode, Jane the Virgin is as dramatic and ridiculous as any telenovela you could find. It is also, however, full of moments of honesty that will touch you and humor that will make you giggle aloud. If you're studying (or have studied) Spanish, there are plenty of moments when you can choose to ignore the subtitles and try to test yourself (because it totally counts as studying). However, if you don't know "Hola" from "casa," you'll be able to follow along just fine. One thing that everyone can agree on is that Jane the Virgin will make you gasp, laugh, curse, and thank god because, even though you have had some rough times, at least your life isn't a telenovela. (First season available on Netflix; Second season currently showing Monday nights on CW).


These should keep you busy for at least the rest of the semester.

Happy Binge-ing!


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Taylor Laroche - Columbia College Chicago

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