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Dec 18 2015
by Taylor Laroche

20 Important Owls To Distract You From Finals

By Taylor Laroche - Dec 18 2015

Owls are the birds of wisdom. They know all. Let these owls pass their wisdom (cuteness) onto you and allow you to pass (AKA become distracted from) your finals.

1. This very surprised, then unimpressed owl is your exact reaction to finals.

2. Show this very annoyed owl to your teachers when they keep giving you more stuff to do.

3. This owl that just wants to cuddle is you

4. This owl taking a bath in a bowl of water is reminding you about hygiene. It's important.

5. This owl has its eye(s) on you

6. These owls are policing your grammar

7. This owl that reminds you to keep your eye on the prize.

8. This owl who is super surprised you passed.

9. This owl that would love to hide in your sweatshirt while you take your exams.

10. This owl who is a great role model for all you dance majors that need to remember to spot!

11. This owl that wants to watch over you while you study and write that final paper.

12. This owl is you when you walk into your classroom for the exam and everyone is already there…

13. This owl who's got that gaping mouth/tired eye twitch thing going on… Just like you…

14. This owl that kind of looks like your professor when someone asks about extra credit.

15. This owl that, like you, just doesn't care anymore.

16. This owl is you when someone reminds you that it's the holiday season.

17. This owl who, like you, has resorted to mechanically going through the motions, then is shocked when rescued!

18. These owls that just wanna dance.

19. This owl who is neither real, nor ready for the morning.

20. This owl that embodies you as you come out of finals week and bask in the light of winter break.

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Taylor Laroche - Columbia College Chicago

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