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Apr 10 2016
by Taylor Laroche

A Letter to my Sophomore Self

By Taylor Laroche - Apr 10 2016

Dear Sophomore Me,

Congratulations! Should the next five weeks go as expected, you will have finished your freshman year of college! This is quite a feat! I hope you'll celebrate.

If you still haven't made that close-knit-for-life group of friends yet, don't worry. It will happen. Just keep doing what you do and eventually the friend thing will fall into place on its own.

I hope you prefer your new living situation. I, Freshman Me, have tried very hard to make sure you would have a better place to eat, sleep, study, and watch Netflix. Hope it works out.

Do you feel like you're a little more grounded? I hope so. You've been at this school for a year now. But if you don't, whatever. Just pretend you are. People tend to believe you.

I want you to remember to keep balance in your life. Recently the idea of an over-stressed and over-worked, replacing-sleep-with-coffee student has been romanticized as the noble, dedicated person that everyone should be. THIS. IS. NOT. TRUE. You have to take care of yourself. I can only imagine that college is going to get harder and you're going to be adding more and more things to your plate, but please remember not to spread yourself too thin. It's not cute or admirable to be exhausted and jittery because you pulled three all-nighters this week trying to finish those papers and cram for those tests and memorize those terms. It's much more attractive, admirable, and beneficial to space things out, make a plan, and FOR GOD'S SAKE remember to eat food (good food), drink water, and GET SOME SLEEP. Sleep is when you processed the things that you learned that day. Your studying will actually better serve you if you allow for ample sleep afterwards. If you do these things, you will be able to tackle your next assignments and projects with much more grace, clarity, and energy.

Taking care of yourself also means that you need to relax. Often. Take an afternoon to go walk in the park or see that movie screening the film club is hosting. Volunteer to join your RA on their community service outing this weekend. Make your own pizza and watch old movies that you used to love as a kid. Try new things, unwind with friends, do whatever it is that helps you relax, just turn off your work brain for a little bit, it's good for you.

With that always in mind, say yes to things! Make yourself available to other students and teachers! When they ask for volunteers or specifically call upon you to assist them with something, do it. Be an amiable person who's always ready to help! They'll tell other people about it and it might grant you other opportunities down the road.

Sophomore Me, remember Freshman Me. Freshman Me was really scared and lonely. Freshman Me cried when her family drove away after moving her into the dorm. Freshman Me had to muster up a lot of energy and courage to dip her toes into the shallow end of college. Be better than Freshman Me. Wade in to your knees or your waist. You don't have to be swimming around like Junior Me might someday, but get a little closer. Make progress. Follow your passions and explore interests across all fields. Try a new class or join a club. Apply for more scholarships. Search for an internship. Do things that Freshman Me wasn't ready for but that Junior Me will be glad she did.

Sophomore Me, kick ass.


Freshman Me

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Taylor Laroche - Columbia College Chicago

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