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Mar 31 2016
by Taylor Lang

Lack of Sleep Can Contribute To Students Failing Out of College, Among Other Bad Things

By Taylor Lang - Mar 31 2016

Everyone knows that most college students are sleep deprived. But, NBC News reports that sleep deprivation can actually be a reason for students failing out of college.


Not only can a lack of sleep cause health issues, it can also cause a person in the car to drive as if they are legally intoxicated. And if the person is sleep deprived and has had a couple of drinks, they are highly more likely to get into an accident.

Academically, students tend to stay up all night studying for exams, but it actually hurts your memory more to stay awake rather than just going to sleep. And pulling an all nighter can make it difficult to get your sleep schedule back on track.


"I've seen students fail out of the University of Michigan because they couldn't wake up for their 8 a.m. classes," says Dr. Shelly Hershner, an assistant professor and director of the collegiate sleep disorders clinic at the University of Michigan told NBC News. 


In order to maintain a healthy body and get the most out of the little sleep us college students get, it is important to remember these tips offered by Dr. Hershner:

1. Don’t bring electronics to bed.

The screen lighting disrupts the flow of melatonin that allows us to fall asleep.

2. Don’t drink caffeine late into the afternoon/evening.

Caffeine actually continues to work for eight hours.

3. Don’t pull all nighters.

You will do better if you get at least three hours of sleep.

4. Take naps.

If you take a nap that is under an hour, it will not disrupt your sleep schedule.

5. Take a later class if you can.

If you stay up late, try really hard not to get stuck with an 8 a.m. class. Otherwise, you might tend to sleep through it a lot.

With finals coming up, it is important to keep these tips in mind. Everyone needs to get their beauty sleep.

Lead Image Credit: Sleep, Cassie Mae While via Flickr Commons

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Taylor Lang - Syracuse University

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