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Mar 03 2016
by Taylor Lang

Why This College Decided to Cancel Spring Break

By Taylor Lang - Mar 03 2016

Chicago State University, a public college in Chicago, Illinois, has declared that they will be continuing classes through what was originally supposed to be spring break, reported KFOR. Their entire semester has been moved up one week, and graduation was pushed 2 weeks ahead of schedule.


This college, along with many of the other colleges that rely on the state for around 30% of their budget support, have been dealing with major financial stress. The state has not paid the colleges their funds for the budget, nor have they paid the college for the grants that they promised students that were eligible for financial aid. The loss that Chicago State University is taking for financial aid alone is close to five million dollars.

Unfortunately, a lot of the student body is composed of both minority and low-income students, so these financial cuts have been increasingly hard on them and their hopes for an education and a strong future career.

On top of the fact that the students have now lost a valuable break for them to rest and catch up on work before finals, the college is also reducing hours in their facilities like libraries and have plans to lay off some of the professors.

There have been no numbers released by the college to determine how much they will be saving by continuing classes through spring break compared to keeping the original last week of the scheduled semester.

The students are not mad at the college, but they are extremely frustrated with the state government. They went to Springfield, Illinois, last week in order to protest outside the state capitol.


Bernie Sanders even made an appearance at the Chicago State University campus in order to talk about student debt and promote his idea for free college tuition. Most of the students think that the attention is good, but that there is still a lot that needs to be done in order to help their college.

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