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Apr 01 2016
by Taylor Lang

This Small Campus Is Dealing With Arson and Confederate Flag Incidents

By Taylor Lang - Apr 01 2016

St. Mary’s College in Maryland has recently been facing a lot of biased incidents, according to The Washington Post. This small campus has faced multiple arson fires as well as events containing the confederate flag in the past few weeks.


The past few months on campus have been filled with tension. Recent issues have included swastikas and a student wearing the confederate flag to a football game for a homework assignment to “challenge social norms.” At such a small campus, these incidents cause a lot of issues.

There have been five fires in a freshmen dormitory in the past week, and the state fire marshal has declared all of them as arson. Bulletin boards, trash cans, chairs, and laundry have all been set on fire. None of the fires have caused any injuries, nor much damage, but the students living in this dorm are still worried; some students are finding other places to live.


Because the campus is so small, students have been talking to the Washington Post under anonymity. Some believe that the fires are a prank, while others consider them a true threat and are severely cautious.

A college tradition of an Easter egg hunt in which the seniors hide beers for underclassmen to find added to the tension when some of the cans were decorated with the confederate flag.


For those at St. Mary’s College, they are upset over the fact that people can’t hold themselves to the standards of diversity and respect that other universities and colleges have. As Eric Schroeder, a student on the board of trustees, said in an email to the students, “We will continue to rise to the challenge and address these issues whenever they arise in our community.”

For such a small college, there sure is a lot of upheaval going on. Let’s hope that the tension and malicious acts end sooner rather than later and that no one gets hurt. A college campus should allow everyone to feel safe and welcome.

Lead Image Credit: Calvert Hall, Campus of St. Mary's College of Maryland; Rob Friesel via Wikicommons

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