Radford University decided to hold a presentation on their campus titled “Reimaging Consent: How Healthy Masculinity Can Prevent Rape.” It was designed to help men understand what they can do to help prevent rape on their campus.

This event was mandatory for sororities. Every single member had to go. How many people did each fraternity have to send? Eight.

It isn’t hard to imagine why so many people are upset over the fact that only eight men from each fraternity had to go to the presentation on how men can help prevent rape; it was designed for them.

The Panhellenic Community of Radford sent an email to the Director of Greek Life to express how frustrated they were with the message that this sent to not only their campus, but to people who look down on greek life as a whole.

Part of the email includes:

My excitement and support for this speaker was quickly extinguished when I learned that although all sorority women are required to attend, only eight members from each fraternity are being asked to go. How on earth is logical that the men of Radford IFC are not required to attend a presentation aimed at MEN about how MEN can stop rape??? What is more disturbing to me is the underlying message behind this decision made by IFC, whether or not it is intentional. By telling every sorority woman that she has to go to a presentation on preventing rape, while each fraternity only has to send a handful of brothers (and let’s be honest, sending eight brothers really means “send your pledges”), we are telling the women of PC, “It is your responsibility to put a stop to rape. It is your responsibility to not be raped.”

Even with the email and the amount of frustration that was shown amongst people on campus, the rule was never changed and the presentation continued with only eight mandatory men per fraternity on campus. How is that OK??

Lead Image Credit: Wikicommons