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Mar 24 2016
by Taylor Lang

Here's Why More Students Are Going Abroad For Their College Degree

By Taylor Lang - Mar 24 2016

It is becoming more popular to study abroad in college, according to Bloomberg. And, for a lot of the students who are coming back from another country, they are realizing that they would have loved to go to school internationally for their entire degree.

From 1975 to 2012, the amount of students going to college full-time in other countries rose 463 percent. It is cheaper to go to a college in another country, and many are lured by the idea of being able to see a different piece of the world.


There are a few setbacks to going to college for all four years in another country. Many people are afraid that going to college in a foreign country will not give them the same job opportunities as going to college in the United States. Also, countries in Europe don’t own dorms, so students have to pay for off-campus housing that varies depending on the country and city chosen. The additional cost of plane tickets to be able to come home can also add a cost to studying abroad.


The benefits are still there, though. Going to college outside of the United States is a lot cheaper. After studying abroad, senior Michael Ferrante told Bloomberg that “he paid $500 for two semesters at Humboldt and Die Freie Universität in Berlin and spent roughly $27,000, with financial aid, for the same amount of time at Hopkins.” The only majorly expensive schools in the EU are ones that are American-owned. So even though students pay for housing and plane tickets, the cost is still lower.


Most students do study abroad during part of their time at college, but by exploring the schools in other countries, it might become more popular to stay abroad full-time. The ability to experience a different culture while earning a degree is priceless. (Well, not literally.)


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