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Mar 25 2016
by Taylor Lang

Will This Be The Newest Greek Life Pet Craze?

By Taylor Lang - Mar 25 2016

The newest trend for college campus pets? Huffington Post announces that it is having a goat. That’s right! A pygmy goat to be exact.

The fraternity Lamda Chi Alpha at Penn State University had always joked about getting a lamb as their mascot, but no one ever did. Alex Buckley, a member of the fraternity, decided to change that.

This little pygmy goat is named Bella Russe. She has become not only a member of the fraternity, but also a part of the community at Penn State.

The members of Lamda Chi Alpha say that she is a really well behaved and domesticated pet. They have actually had puppies that behaved worse than little Bella Russe. She has a very patient personality and loves to be with people as long as she is able to take some naps, too.

This little goat goes everywhere.  She loves being around people and even attends a lot of the events on campus.  Most recently, she attended the 46 hour THON charity event for cancer. 

Besides Bella Russe, other pygmy goats such as Littleton and Waller have become popular.

They are so cute! I think I speak for everyone when I say that I definitely want one. Here are some more cute vines to brighten your day!

Lead Image Credit: @psugoat via Instagram

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