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Apr 14 2016
by Taylor Lang

We Actually Shouldn't Shower Every Day

By Taylor Lang - Apr 14 2016

According to Total Sorority Move and Time, it is actually bad for you to take showers every single day.


For most guys, it is easy to take a quick shower. On the other hand, girls tend to bring 15 products into the shower and then we have to dry our hair and add even more product. The process takes like 2 hours. It is a pain.


Taking a shower helps to make you look nice, but bacteriologically, it is actually worse for your health. Dry, “cracked skin opens up gaps for infection-causing germs to slip through” and “may also disrupt the skin’s population of immune system-supporting bacteria.”

Still make sure to wash your armpits and face every day, but other than that, it is better for you to take a shower only a couple of times a week! Just remember that if you are smelly, a shower is definitely a good idea.


So, with finals coming up and people starting to cram, you now know that you can have an additional hour in your day since you don’t have to shower!

Lead Image Credit: Cold Shower; Grzegorz Grzesiak via Flickr Commons

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