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Apr 21 2016
by Taylor Lang

University of Buffalo Sends Wrong Students Acceptance Letters

By Taylor Lang - Apr 21 2016

College Admissions Season is a time that high school students dread, and college students remember with a feeling of “I survived!” But, according to Huffington Post, the University of Buffalo made this season much more stressful for some students.

Five thousand high school students received an acceptance email from the University of Buffalo, only to receive a “Whoopsies, just kidding,” email four hours later. The acceptances had been sent to the wrong batch of students.

Plus, what’s worse, is that these students are still in the decision process. Some of them may actually get another email saying they were really accepted to the University of Buffalo in the future.


“University spokesman John Contrada told NBC the school plans to accept around 5,400 students from an applicant pool of more than 25,000.”

This actually happens more than most people realize. Johns Hopkins and the University of California, San Diego, have both had similar mistakes. John Hopkins’ mistake was smaller with only 294 students, but the University of California made a massive error with 28,000 students.

Good luck to all of those students who got the “Sorry,” email, and we hope that you get the official acceptance soon!

Lead Image Credit: University of Buffalo; Amy Grant via Flickr Commons

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