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May 31 2016
by Taylor Lang

Two High Schoolers Fooled Everyone With Their Fake Exhibit At The San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art

By Taylor Lang - May 31 2016

Two high schoolers from California went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, but according to the NY Times, the two were not very happy with some of the exhibits. So they made their own.

The teenagers, Kevin Nguyen, 16, and TJ Khayatan, 17, both of San Jose, had been left scratching their heads at the simplicity of some of the museum’s exhibits, including two stuffed animals on a blanket.
“Is this really what you call art?” Kevin said in an interview over the weekend to the NY Times.
TJ added, “We looked at it and we were like, ‘This is pretty easy. We could make this ourselves.’ ”

They decided that it would be interesting to see if people would take their glasses as an exhibit, so they put down a set of glasses and took a step back. Within minutes, people were crowding around the area and taking pictures; they truly believed that it was a part of the museum.


Because so many people considered the glasses as an exhibit so willingly, the entire prank has sparked a debate about what art is. Some people feel as if art is a very loose term for anything these days, which means that there are definitely some exhibits (like the urinal that is sitting sideways on a pedestal) that should probably be reconsidered.

Lead Image Credit: Kevin Nguyen via NY Times

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