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Aug 30 2016
by Taylor Lang

These Are The Top 10 Party Schools In The Nation

By Taylor Lang - Aug 30 2016

The Princeton Review just released their annual college rankings, which covers everything from least religious students to "tree hugging vegetarians" in order to help students find the best fit for them. Of course, social life is important to consider when choosing where to spend the coming years, so the college prep company has released its list of the top 20 party schools in the nation -- as it has done since 1993. The rankings are based on surveys sent to 143,000 students and 381 colleges and universities.

1. University of Wisconsin - Madison

While the school also earned a top finish on the list of schools with lots of beer, they also are #1 on the list of schools with the best health services. They climbed to the #1 party school of 2017 after finishing in third place last year.

Greenstrat via Wikicommons

2. West Virginia University

Swimmerguy269 via Wikicommons

3. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Herbert J. Brant via Wikicommons

4. Lehigh University

Matt Casey via Wikicommons

5. Bucknell University

Tomwsulcer via Wikicommons

6. University of Iowa

Tony Webster via Wikicommons

7. University of Mississippi

Adam Jones, Ph.D via Wikicommons

8. Syracuse University

Taylor Lang

9. Tulane University

Tulane Public Relations via Wikicommons

10. Colgate University

Balon Greyjoy via Wikicommons

If you didn't make the list this time there is always next year! (Just be safe!)

Lead Image Credit: Iris via Flickr Creative Commons

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