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Jun 08 2016
by Taylor Lang

This Tweet Got This High School Student Suspended For Three Days

By Taylor Lang - Jun 08 2016

Leonardo Semma is a 17-year-old boy who goes to a school in Michigan. He just graduated from Walled Lake Western High School, and he posted a tweet to commemorate his accomplishments of high school. According to Buzzfeed, this was his favorite.


During one of the days in Michigan when there was a lot of snow, the superintendent of their school district tweeted to apologize the fact that the parking lots had not been snowplowed. That morning, Semma fell and hit his head on ice, and two of his friends had almost gotten hit by other vehicles that had slid from the weather conditions. This made him very upset, so he decided to respond to the tweet.


Within 2 hours, Semma was called to the principal's office and was suspended for three days. This happened to be during finals week, so he actually had to write an apology letter in order to take his exams.

Semma did not expect for this to go viral, but people seemed to connect with it. Some have even gone to the lengths to send the messages to the superintendent over and over again, since Semma was made to take it off of Twitter after the original suspension.


This might have gone a little too far with the tweet, but the poor superintendent should not have to deal with his Twitter account being slammed, too!

Lead Image Credit: Buzzfeed

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