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Mar 17 2016
by Taylor Lang

This Traditional Indian Dance Form Is Sweeping College Campuses

By Taylor Lang - Mar 17 2016

The traditional Indian dance style of Bhangra is coming to more and more campus universities all across the United States, according to Huffington Post. With a cultural mix of Indian folk music and current dubstep, the energetic beat pushes the dancers to have an intense routine that lasts on average eight minutes.

Damon Dahlen, Huffington Post

Colorful kurtas jeweled with tiny mirrors and gems catch the light as they jump and spin around the stage. Men wear large, colorful turbans, and women wear elegant headscarves to match their outfits.

Originally, Bhangra came from South Asian immigrants. Second generation teenagers mixed their rooted traditions with pop culture to create a Bhangra Remix. With the appearance of the dance in cultural assemblies, halftime shows, and other concerts at colleges and universities, Bhangra became increasingly popular.

Now there are even competitions for the dance across the world. Last year, a British team won the World’s Best Bhangra Crew Competition. Unfortunately, there are no competitions that include just college teams, but there’s the possibility of the creation of one in the future.

Bhangra has become a very inclusive activity, too. You do not have to be of South Asian heritage in order to enjoy or take part in it. People of all heritages are able to learn the skills of the dance style and create lasting friendships with their dance group.

If this video does not get you hyped about Bhangra, then nothing ever will. Skrillex even hits the soundtrack at 1:15.  Watch it!

Lead Image Credit: Wikicommons

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