According to the New York Times, voters in McKinney, Texas, have won the proposal for the creation of a huge high school football stadium that will cost almost $63 million.


The current football stadium was built in 1962. It can seat 7,000 people, which some of the residents say is more than enough. The biggest complaint is that the parking lot is too small.

This stadium will be able to seat 12,000 people and have an athletic event center attached to it. Three different high schools will consider it their home turf. The city, which is a northern-suburb of Dallas, is hoping that the stadium will bring new growth and business with its ability to host large tournaments and events.

The nearby city of Allen also has a large high school football stadium. It can seat 18,000 people (almost the same capacity as Madison Square Garden). Some of the residents of McKinney think that the proposal won due to the competitiveness of the towns.


With football becoming such a strong and growing priority in Texas, some people are worried that it shows how people place sports before education. The stadium is set to be completed so that McKinney can host the first kickoff in 2017.

Lead Image Credit: Plans For McKinney Stadium; McKinney Independent School District via New York Times

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