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May 11 2016
by Taylor Lang

This Mom Accidentally Packed A Four Loko In Her Daughter's Lunch

By Taylor Lang - May 11 2016

Remember the good ol’ days when mommy packed your lunch? Seventeen-year-old McKenzie Strange is lucky enough to have her mom pack her lunch for her occasionally while she is still in high school. That is, until her mom accidentally sent her to school with a Four Loko in her lunch bag, according to The Daily Dot.


After sending her mom a message, Strange realized that her mom had been half-asleep while packing the lunch and had mistaken the alcoholic beverage for a Peace Tea. (Both brands have pretty colorful cans.) The drink had come from the downstairs fridge and had belonged to her 23-year-old brother.

Thankfully, Strange was able to get rid of the drink before getting to the high school. The mistake is one that a lot of parents could make early in the morning, as alcoholic beverages tend to look very similar to non-alcoholic ones these days.

Even though Strange can say that she has a pretty awesome mom for packing booze in her lunch, it is a good thing that she didn’t get caught on school grounds, or this simple mistake could have ended a lot less hilariously!

Lead Image Credit: Lineup of flavored DRAAAANK.; *bri* via Flickr Commons

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