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May 28 2016
by Taylor Lang

This High School Student Was Kicked Out Of Graduation For Wearing An African Cloth

By Taylor Lang - May 28 2016

Nyree Holmes, a student at a high school in Elk Grove, California, was kicked out of his own graduation. Why? He was wearing a Kente cloth to represent his heritage, according to Fox News.

Wanting a part of his Ghanaian heritage with him, he decided to wear the cloth outside of his robes. As he was getting to the stage, a school official asked him to take it off. When he told the official no, the official left to get the police.

Twitter @yencomgh via Fox News

Holmes used this time to walk across the stage and shake hands with people, but was quickly escorted by police when he got off the stage. Later, a security guard let him back in to get his diploma.

Elk Grove Unified School District communications director Xanthi Pinkerton confirmed to Fusion, “By the request of a school administrator a student was pulled from the graduation ceremony because the student wasn’t obeying the rules of graduation.”

I think I speak for everyone when I say that the removal of this student was extremely unnecessary. He was not doing anything that was dangerous or obscene, nor was he being disruptive to the ceremony as a whole. Congratulations to Nyree for graduating – he should continue to be proud of his heritage and himself.

Lead Image Credit: Twitter @yencomgh via Fox News

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