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Jun 02 2016
by Taylor Lang

This Group Of Students Is Most Likely To Be Sexually Assaulted

By Taylor Lang - Jun 02 2016

The scary fact about college is that 1 in 4 female students will be sexually assaulted on campus. And, depending on race, sexual identity, and other factors, the ratio can actually become worse, according to Teen Vogue.

The journal Violence and Gender published research shows that 2 in 5 bisexual females will be sexually assaulted while in college. That is higher than those for heterosexual females. On top of that, a different study shows that bisexual students tend to have a higher rate of depression and contemplation of suicide. Most people think it is because of societal pressures that are causing people to feel oppressed.

Dr. Mary Ellen states:

 "As difficult as it can be for any college student to come forward following a sexual assault because they are afraid, intimidated, or ashamed, it can be even more so for bisexual females and gay and bisexual males who are at risk for this crime at similar rates as heterosexual females, according to this important study. We have to do so much more for all students to encourage them to come forward and report what happened - no matter what their gender or sexual orientation."

These statistics can be a bit scary, especially for those who are going into college. It is important to always walk with people and to be aware of your surroundings. And, if you or someone you know has something happen to you, please contact someone you trust and talk to them. Or, you can reach out to the National Assault Telephone Hotline toll-free at 800-656-4673.

Lead Image Credit: KOMUnews; Advocates for Prevention of Sexual Assault Voice Need for Change via Flickr                                              Commons

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