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Jun 19 2016
by Taylor Lang

This Girl Just Walked Straight Out Of Her High School Graduation

By Taylor Lang - Jun 19 2016

Remember what it was like walking the stage? Or maybe you have been awaiting the splendid trip across the graduation stage when you are able to get your diploma! According to Buzzfeed News, Tayler Michelle Gray was extremely happy to receive her diploma, but she left graduation as soon as she had the diploma in hand!

Gray has been preparing to be an ultrasound technician. While taking online courses to finish high school, she was attending Lehigh Career and Technical Institute to become a nurse's assistant. In order to move on to her career, she needed her high school diploma. Once she had that, she was ready to move on.

On June 14, Gray took the stage and received her diploma. As soon as she reached the stage, she walked out of the building. Why?

Gray said she didn’t intend to be disrespectful by leaving the ceremony early. She just wanted to spend the rest of the day celebrating with her family, who had no idea she would walk out. “There was no reason for me to sit there for the rest of it,” she said (to Buzzfeed). “If I was being disrespectful I would’ve made a scene. I just minded my own business and kept walking.”
Tayler Gray

Her next steps include going to Lehigh Community College and then transferring to a university to study sonography. Congrats to her on getting her diploma and good luck in the future!

Lead Image Credit: Tayler Gray

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