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May 31 2016
by Taylor Lang

This College Party Ended Up Trashing An Island In California

By Taylor Lang - May 31 2016

Every year, students from the University of Oregon go up to Slaughterhouse Island on Lake Shasta in California. According to Newser, the entire island was trashed this year to the point where the University is investigating the incident.

Up to 60 boats carrying about 1,000 students were docked at the island, and when everyone left, forest rep told the Register Guard that 10 cubic feet of garbage was left behind and has been removed. The island was closed down in order to clean to prep for all of the memorial day visitors.

One photo went viral, showing that a cooler was decorated with the letters of a fraternity that is now being suspended until further notice. The phrase, “Do you wanna do some blow man?” was written besides the letters.

UOregon's VP of student life, Robin Holmes, says the school "does not sponsor or condone" the annual trip to Slaughterhouse Island and the mess left at the site is "absolutely unacceptable and disgraceful." The school is "actively investigating the situation and will take action as appropriate."

We get that people are excited about the end of school and the beginning of summer, but it is important to be respectful to the environment and clean up after yourselves.

Lead Image Credit: Jennifer Vick Cox via Facebook

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Taylor Lang - Syracuse University

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