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May 13 2016
by Taylor Lang

This 84-Year-Old Man Just Graduated Summa Cum Laude

By Taylor Lang - May 13 2016

Northeast Illinois University had its oldest student graduate on Monday in over 55 years. Jerry Pollard, 84, got his bachelor’s degree in history, according to Huffington Post. Not only that, but he did it with summa cum laude distinction.

CBS Chicago

When Pollard originally went to DePaul University after high school, he ended up enlisting in the military and then starting a family, and he just never ended up going back.

After retiring, Pollard decided that he wanted to go back to school. He didn’t have the same experiences as other students do, though, because he took one class per semester.

On one of his spring breaks, Pollard even climbed Mount Everest and reached 14,700 feet up! He is so proud of this that he put it on his graduation cap, according to NBC News.

CBS Chicago

Even though he has graduated, he is not done learning. He’s is going to be taking a precolonial sub-Saharan Africa history class next semester.

“There’s always something you don’t know, there’s always something you can learn, when you stop learning, you’re dead,” he said, WLS reported.

He is inspiring to all of his grandkids and those who don’t even know him! It is proof that you are never too old to do something amazing. Check out his video here!

Lead Image Credit: CBS Chicago

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