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Jul 04 2016
by Taylor Lang

These Triplets At The University of Georgia Tried Out To Swim For The US In Rio

By Taylor Lang - Jul 04 2016

Everyone is preparing for the Summer Olympics in Rio. Sports teams are doing tryouts to determine who should start training with them to represent the US against the world. According to The NY Times, a set of triplets that are citizens in 3 different countries tried out for the US swim team. 

Jay, Kevin, and Mick Litherland are triplets, and while Mick and Jay are identical, Kevin is a fraternal triplet. Their mom was born in China, and their dad was born in New Zealand. They moved to the US when they were 3, and became citizens of all 3 countries.

Throughout high school, the identical boys would try and use it to cover for the other if they were sick during a swim meet.

"We actually got DQed from a meet because of that," Jay said (to the NY Times) with a sheepish grin. "I think Mick was sick or something and he couldn't go, so I tried to swim his events. But they found out."

When they had to begin figuring out which colleges they wanted to go to, they thought about branching out from one another. But, somehow, they all ended up at the University of Georgia. All of the boys are on the swim team, and are now going into their junior year.

After deciding to try out for the US Swim team, all 3 of the boys used their competitiveness to push them to do their best. Whereas Jay qualified to be on the team, the other brothers did not make it. But, this moment shows that their brotherly bond is stronger than any competition amongst them:

The Litherlands produced one of the most indelible moments at the trials when Jay rallied on the freestyle leg of the 400-meter individual medley to stunningly pass defending Olympic champion Ryan Lochte for the second spot on the team behind winner Chase Kalisz. As soon as they saw the "2'' beside their brother's name, Kevin and Mick hopped over a railing at the CenturyLink Center to congratulate him. Jay popped out of the water, the three of them embracing on the deck, before Jay jumped back into the pool, unsure if he was breaking some sort of rule.

The brothers are unsure as to if they will be able to get tickets or a hotel room in Rio in order to support their brother. In addition, they need to continue their studies at Georgia and don't want to miss too much of their classes.

All of the brothers plan on competing for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 4 years.

"This is only the beginning," Jay said. "I'm looking forward to going with them in 2020."

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