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Jun 05 2016
by Taylor Lang

There Is Now A Museum Of Broken Relationships

By Taylor Lang - Jun 05 2016

Where do broken hearts go? Apparently, 6751 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. According to CBS News, a Museum of Broken Relationships has now opened with exhibits from past couples who have gone separate ways.

Lost Love Letters, CBS News

The original museum was found in Croatia, and an L.A. attorney, John Quinn, decided to create one here in the United States. There are over 100 exhibits that you can see for $18 a head, and the museum has the ability to rotate through new ones every few months. Each exhibit contains an item or items that meant something to someone's relationship, but they let it go in order to move on with their lives.

You would think that people would find this sad, but people seem to be having positive reactions. "We all came out of it thinking, 'That was extraordinary,'" he told Smith (CBS News). "It was very thought-provoking, very moving in a way. And I thought more people should see this."

Some of the exhibits are more simplistic, such as love notes, or a blue silk shirt from the day a husband left his wife. Others are more unique, such as a wedding dress shoved in a pickle jar or breast implants that a woman removed after the man who convinced her to get them left.

Breast Implants, CBS News
Wedding Dress In A Pickle Jar, CBS News
It's amazing, I love it," said one visitor from London (to CBS News). It's wonderfully cathartic to see people shedding the memories of their breakup and moving on and letting go and allowing other people to share in what happened.

The director of the museum, Alexis Hyde, hopes that the museum will lift people up rather than bring them down. She knows that it is sad when relationships end, but it makes us who we are, and therefore we should celebrate all of the events that have led us to our current lives, even the ones that weren't so happy at the time.

So, with any high school or college relationships, remember that no matter the heartbreak that you go through, there are always people out there who have gone through similar things. You are not alone, and there is a museum to prove it.

Lead Image Credit: CBS News

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