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Mar 05 2016
by Taylor Lang

The Way These Ivy League Schools Want to Reduce Concussions Among Their Football Players

By Taylor Lang - Mar 05 2016

All eight of the Ivy League head football coaches have decided to not allow tackling during regular season football practices. This change is from the National Collegiate Athletic Association guidelines which state that there should be no more than two tackling football practices per week.

The Institute of Medicine reported last year that 57.6% of concussions that happen in college football result from practices. In order to protect their players, the head coaches are trying to minimize the possibility that their players could get injured.


With concussions being a major health threat in high school, college leagues and the NFL, it is important for coaches and health staff to take care of their players in order to promote their well-being and reduce the number of injuries that they acquire, especially because those injuries could affect the players long after their sports careers are over. 

Lead Image Credit: Bill Couch

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Taylor Lang - Syracuse University

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