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Mar 04 2016
by Taylor Lang

There Was Another Violent Incident Involving a Black College Student at Trump Rally

By Taylor Lang - Mar 04 2016

With a lot of coverage continuing to focus on Trump in the political race, the behavior that takes place at some of his rallies have not gone unnoticed. NY Daily News reports that there was another aggressive incident toward an individual, this time toward Shiya Nwanguma, an African American student from the University of Louisville.


Nwanguma was protesting Trump at his rally when many adult male members of the crowd took it upon themselves to start pushing her towards the back of the crowd, all while yelling profanities at her. 


Even though Trump can't technically control the actions of those at his rallies, the frequency in which these things happen at his events is significant. Especially considering that just a day before black college students had been kicked out of his rallies.

As college students, we're pretty new to being able to vote. But students should not be prevented from standing up for their beliefs.  Just make sure that you pick a candidate that you believe in and what they stand for; use your right to vote and take part in the voting process, and continue to let your voice be heard. 

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Taylor Lang - Syracuse University

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