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Nov 22 2015
by Taylor Lang

The Most Outrageous Dorm Ideas on Pinterest

By Taylor Lang - Nov 22 2015

Beach Bunking

Imagine coming back from class to chill out on your own personal beach!  Except.....sand.....everywhere!  The RAs probably won't like this very much.

Gigantic Plush Pillow Friends

Rough day? No problem! Just head on back to your dorm and curl up in your comfy bed/oversized stuffed animal that you can conveniently sleep on!  Too bad they won't fit in the dorm.

Happy Birthday To The Hallway

Even though your friend might find it incredibly cool to open the door to go brush their teeth and find a ton of balloons for their birthday, it's probably not the best idea.  On top of it being a fire hazard, imagine how long it took to blow up all of those balloons!

Hold Back On The Texas Hold' Em

Cards are great, but this is a little much. I don't think our roommates would like this very much.

Pretty Potties

Since we most likely don't have our own bathrooms, imagine this pretty sight as you walk in — too bad we can't decorate the bathrooms!  It may look like flowers, but it probably won't smell like them.

The Ancient Ruins Of What Once Was A Normal Dorm

An actual dorm was created into ancient ruins.  As cool as this sounds, it cost $400 for all of the vines, paint, and glue that holds everything together....and I don't think they have a door anymore. We should probably just stick to Temple Run if we feel like running through ancient ruins.

An Eco-Style Habitat

The decorating would be endless —  if only we could paint our rooms!  The mix of modern and natural would be a pretty cool vibe.

And now since it's the holidays...

Light Up The Dorm

As bright and festive as this is, it would take a lot of lights, and all the cords at the bottom would be a major walking hazard.

A Real Live Tree In The Dorm!

Trust me, I love Christmas.......but don't do this!  There's no room.  

Instead, make a tree out of all the textbooks you paid for but didn't use! 

Photo Credits (Including Lead Photo): Pinterest

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Taylor Lang - Syracuse University

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