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Apr 09 2016
by Taylor Lang

This Guy Flaked on His Formal Date and It Turned Into The Greek Version of 'The Bachelorette'

By Taylor Lang - Apr 09 2016

Jasmine Wright, a sophomore at Ohio State University, was told only several days beforehand that she was going to be this frat guy’s date to his formal. (She was his second choice.) Then, because of family circumstances, he bailed on her three days before the formal. She had completed a formal cooler in only a few days (an incredible feat). Instead of moping about it, she decided to take it to Facebook. According to Total Sorority Move, the post blew up into a fraternity bachelorette.


The post and her story got so big that Wright created a Google Doc with information about what was going on so that people could keep up with her story. Having to now choose between multiple different guys is a difficult task. She has even created a poll to see who the public thinks she should now go with to the formal.

Excluding this formal, Wright has been offered for paid trips to other frat formals at other universities as well as offers for boyfriends. This story alone got her 2,000 likes on Facebook and 700 comments from students all over the U.S.

Total Sorority Move

This girl definitely does not give up. Thanks to social media, she will definitely be going to the formal she wants, and maybe a few others! Stay tuned with her page for who gets the rose (cooler)!

Lead Image Credit: Rose; angellmarlene photography via Flickr Commons

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