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Dec 18 2015
by Taylor Lang

The 18 Best Things About Having Your Twin Brother On Campus

By Taylor Lang - Dec 18 2015

I have a twin brother, Zach.  Most people don't understand what it is like to be a twin.  They either think it's really cool to have a sibling who is your best friend, or they say that they would hate to share their birthday with someone else.  We always get the question about whether or not we have twin super powers, and even though we do tend to say the same things and finish each other sentences, we are our own people.   We made our decisions about college separately, but we both decided that we wanted to come to Syracuse University to study Broadcast and Digital Journalism.  Having my brother here has been incredible.  Here are some of the reasons why...

1. You come to campus already having a best friend.

Being a freshman is difficult, and one of the major adjustments is changing from knowing everyone at high school to not knowing anyone in college.  Knowing someone as soon as I came to campus made me feel much more comfortable about starting anew.

2. He already knows everything about you.

It is so nice to not have to fake anything.  For the people who automatically found friends that they could completely let loose with, congratulations, but for the rest of us who take our time getting to know people, it is a relief to be able to spend time with someone who you can talk to about anything without having to go into a backstory.

3. Mom and Dad are less worried because you are both in the same place.

Being the only kids, my brother and I were the first and last to leave.  For my parents, it was definitely a relief to know that we always had each other's backs since we weren't at home under their wings.

4. You have someone to eat with so you don't ever have to eat alone.

Dining hall food is one thing, but having to eat it alone is another.  As we started to get to know people, and even during finals week when everyone is doing their own thing, it has always been nice to know that I could just go eat lunch with my bro.  

5. You can take care of each other when you get sick.

Since Mom and Dad aren't here to take care of us when we get sick, it was always nice to know that both my brother and my roommate would go to the store to get me whatever I needed, make me soup, and be there for me.  Just that little bit of caring always helped me feel a little better.

6. You get to have fun randomly spotting each other on campus.

One of the funniest to happen is when I am walking with a friend or I am on the phone with our parents, and then all of a sudden I spot my brother across the quad or down the street.  The amount of snapchats we send to each other that are captioned, "A Wild Taylor Has Been Spotted," with a circled picture of me from far away are probably up to double digits at this point.  Syracuse has a pretty big campus, too, so bumping into each other is always a nice surprise.

7. You have a piece of home with you.

Everyone gets homesick at some point.  But just being able to walk 5 minutes to my brothers dorm and spend time playing video games with him, watching Netflix, or even studying together always was a quick pick me up. It reminds me that I will always have my home to go back to and that I am also making Syracuse my home, too.  It definitely wouldn't be home without Zach, though.

8. Your family only has to come to one place to pick you up, drop you off, or visit.

It is definitely easier for my family to just come pick both of us up and take us out to dinner or bring us back for winter break.  It is always fun to be able to get together as a whole family, which wouldn't happen if we were at different colleges.

9. Your entire family gets to become the biggest Syracuse fans ever.

I am pretty sure that everyone in my extended family is just as decked out in orange as Zach and I are!

10. You don't have to be apart on your birthdays.

I have never spent a birthday without my brother.  Our birthdays have always been so special, and our parents have done such a good job at making us both feel unique and loved as individuals.  I always have white cake and Zach always gets chocolate.  Tacos has been our birthday dinner since forever, and even though we are in college, Zach and I will definitely be going to get tacos for our birthday dinner here on campus.

11. You still have a guy to steal clothes from.

This is more beneficial to me than to my brother! Sometimes it is nice to be able to have a big, comfy sweatshirt that isn't your own, especially when studying for finals.

12. You get twice as many friends.

One of the most incredible feelings is when Zach and I meet up with all of our friends and go to a 'Cuse game at the Dome!  I have never felt as much a part of the community as when I am cheering in the student section with my brother right beside me.

13. You have another set of ears for information about campus.

There are so many opportunities on campus, and with so much going on, it is always nice to have another person to catch the information that each of us might have missed on our own.

14. You have someone to push you when you are not motivated.

Sometimes there are moments when neither of us want to study or get work done.  Since no one knows us better than each other, we always know how to joke around for a little bit and then push each other to get back to work.

15. Having a partner in crime

Zach and I are studious, kind, and always love having fun adventures.  I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my brother to make the most out of life and our time here at college.

16. Homework help

Whereas I am english and social studies minded, Zach is better at math and science.  This means that when it comes to helping each other out, we rock!  Helping each other study, editing each other's papers, or even just being there as a buddy while doing homework, we do it all!

17. All your inside jokes still work on campus.

We usually talk in movie quotes and inside jokes, and when you have lived together for your entire life and have gone through life events like high school, jobs, and sharing a car together, you tend to have a lot of them!  The best part about being on campus is that we still have that connection and even get to make new inside jokes!

(All of these gifs have something to do with our childhood and inside jokes!)

18. You get to share some of the best years of your life with each other making memories.

I can't imagine going through life without my brother with me at all of life's big moments.  Here at college, we do our own things and have our own lives, but at the end of the day, we always have each other.  I cannot wait to make more memories in college, and I am so lucky to have my best friend with me.  

I love you, Zach.

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Taylor Lang - Syracuse University

Taylor is a Broadcast and Digital Journalism Major at Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. She started writing and editing as a freshman for Fresh U. From there, she began to help create and expand the News and Multimedia Departments. When not doing something relating to journalism, she LOVES Disney and reading while sipping hot tea. She hopes to inspire others to follow their passions and do what makes them happy.

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