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Nov 04 2016
by Taylor Lang

Texas High School Said It Will Suspend Students Over This BLM Tweet

By Taylor Lang - Nov 04 2016

Students at Tomball High School in Texas came to school on #AmericaDay in support of Trump, spurring this picture in support of Black Lives Matter that has been shared all over Twitter. In response, the school administrators told students that they would suspend all students who retweeted it.

The students who are in support of Trump wore shirts to school with letters that spelled out his name when they stood together in the cafeteria at school.

Jodeci Williams, the senior in the photo with a black shirt, is holding her fist high in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement, according to Click2Houston. She said she was inspired to show the different views that go on at schools across the country.

Toni Trail was the person one who originally posted the picture and tweet. She feels as if the school singled her out for originally tweeting it out when lots of other classmates retweeted it and weren't being asked to take their posts down. The original tweet seems to have been deleted.

School administrators told students that they would be suspended if the tweet was shared. Parents of the Trump-supporting students had told the school that there were people who were calling their kids names, according to Click2Houston.

Fresh U reached out to Tomball High School for a statement on the event, but they did not respond. Click2Houston was able to talk to the district spokesperson:

Students have periodically posted photos supporting various groups and have not been asked to remove photos from social media. In this instance, a group of students reported to campus administrators that a photo of them was posted to social media without their permission, which is against Tomball ISD’s Technology Acceptable Use Policy. This is an acceptable use policy issue and a student code of conduct issue.

The bullet below is the closest part of the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct from Tomball High School that correlates to their statement. It does not explicitly state what the spokesperson says is the reason the school took action.

Student Handbook and Code of Conduct at Tomball High School,

Trail's father told Click2Houston how he feels about the school's response to the whole event:

Our kids feel they're being singled out once again just because of who they are and the symbol that they made, which wasn't political, it was a social statement based on what they believe is fair.

Chihiro Ogino has been a prominent figure on Twitter during this struggle between students and administrators, although it is unclear whether or not she is a student at this school. Here are just a few of her tweets.

Ogino even posted pictures from one of her Snapchat friends that he put up on his Snapchat Story after this all took place. He goes to Tomball High School. She called out the school, asking if they would suspend people who decided to dress up like the KKK since they had said they would suspend students for a Black Lives Matter retweet.

The student then came out with an "apology" after he saw the tweet. No known school action was taken against him.

The next day, November 4, brought more strife to the school. Some of the students dressed in white garb with pointy hoods in replica of the KKK. Other students wore black shirts in representation of Black Lives Matter.

None of the students have been officially suspended for anything related to the Black Lives Matter tweet or for dressing like the KKK. However, this brings attention to the issues of social justice on school and college campuses.

Lead Image Credit: @1942bs via Twitter

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