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Oct 18 2016
by Taylor Lang

Temple University Student Begins Project To Use Extra Meal Swipes To Feed The Homeless

By Taylor Lang - Oct 18 2016

A student from Temple University decided to use his extra meal swipes to collect food for the homeless and hopes to create a program at the school to get more of his peers involved.

AaronRey Ebreo is a freshman biology major on a pre-med track at Temple College of Science and Technology. He posted this on the Facebook Class of 2020 page on Sunday, Oct. 16:

Facebook Temple Class of 2020  Page

He had so many swipes left over that he decided to use all of them to bring cereal back to his apartment. Ebreo told Fresh U over Facebook messenger how he was inspired to help those in his community.

I realized I definitely wasn't going to eat all of the cereal, and the image of the homeless people I saw in the city over the weekend popped in my mind. My heart ached for people like them, so I decided to donate the food I collected.

Ebreo is involved with a variety of community-oriented groups on his campus. He is an active member of the American Medical Student Associate, the Biology Society, the Temple University Philippine American Council, the Temple University Community Service Association and the Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship.

AaronRey Ebreo via Facebook

When Ebreo was carrying all of the food out of the bistro, he said that people gave him a bunch of surprised looks and some even openly smirked and chuckled at him. But, when he posted about wanting to donate all of the food, he got a lot of support and messages from students wanting to do it, too.

His first choice for donating the food was to just go out into the city and directly hand the food to homeless people. He then realized that it would be a bit more efficient to donate the food to a shelter or food cabinet. He is currently in the process of finding a place in the area that he would like to work with and donate the food to.

Courtesy of Chance Satterlee

Ebreo told Fresh U that he is hoping to turn this idea into a legitimate organization on campus.

I want people to know that I'm planning on teaming up with other people that will have extra meal swipes by the end of each week. We will gather food from the swipes, and we will go out to the city and give it out to those in need. Whoever wants to help giving the food is more than welcome to join us. 

On top of being studious, Ebreo always puts his all into everything he does. He sees college as a way of being able to make as many possible connections with people in the community and serving those who need it. Amongst all of that, he enjoys having some fun in between the work.

If you wish to get in touch with Ebreo to help him with his project or to congratulate him on helping others while most of us are worried about midterms, you can follow him on Twitter @aaronrey_ebreo.

Lead Image Credit: Facebook Class Of 2020 Page

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