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Oct 04 2016
by Taylor Lang

Syracuse University Students Demonstrate On Main Quad Against University's Mishandling of Sexual Assault

By Taylor Lang - Oct 04 2016

On Oct. 4, Syracuse University students who called themselves "your neighborhood feminist activists" gathered on the Quad to demonstrate how the University is mishandling sexual assault and violating Title IX. 

Taylor Lang

With red tape across their mouths, they are aligning with the No Red Tape campaign at Columbia University. Emma Sulkowicz's Carry The Weight campaign inspired them to bring their mattresses out to the Quad. By standing silently, yet forcing the attention of students going to class, they were able to catch the attention of the campus, its leaders, and potential students touring.

Students who stop to take pictures and post them to Twitter using #NoRedTapeSU, #MattressesOnTheQuad, or #ICanHearYourSilence in recognition and support are also given an artist's statement by the organizers of the demonstration.

We stand and sit with our mattresses to symbolize the pain and outrage of living in a university community that does not support sexual assault survivors. Of learning at an institution that lets perpetrators walk free while survivors, activists, and our families must bear the injustice silently. Of chanting 'it's on us' when we know that 'us' rarely includes perpetrators and their protectors.

The rest can be read below.

Taylor Lang

These statements were also posted all over campus buildings on the perimeter of the quad with bright red masking tape. In order to get to class, every student had to acknowledge the piece of paper.

Taylor Lang