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Nov 10 2016
by Taylor Lang

Syracuse University Student Finds Feather In Dining Hall Fried Chicken

By Taylor Lang - Nov 10 2016

Have you ever been skeptic of the dining hall food? Emma Caslowitz, a sophomore Psychology and Forensics major at Syracuse University, found a reason to be last week when she got fried chicken at the dining hall that still had feathers attached.

Syracuse University Class of 2020 Facebook Page

Caslowitz went to Ernie Davis, one of the best dining halls on SU's campus, for dinner. It was chicken wing night, one of the best days of the week besides Tender Thursday. 

But, when she got her fried chicken wings, she found feathers still attached. She told Fresh U through Facebook Messenger how she reacted:

My friends and I were all in complete shock and then freaked out. When we showed other people sitting near us, they surprisingly said the same thing had happened to them that day. I did not eat in the dining hall that night, I ended up ordering food instead.

For people like Caslowitz who rely on the dining halls for all of their meals, this can cause them to become super skeptical about all of the food that they're eating. 

"I have gone back to Ernie since," said Caslowitz, "however, I'm more picky and concerned about what I'm eating. I do not go back everyday; I've been ordering food a lot more."

Then there are the lucky ones who have apartments and cook their own food. Jealous.

Lead Image Credit: Syracuse University Class of 2020 Facebook Page

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