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Aug 30 2016
by Taylor Lang

Syracuse University Dorm Window Grieves For Harambe

By Taylor Lang - Aug 30 2016

While many freshmen are learning to navigate their campuses, Syracuse University students have the added pleasure of being able to grieve for Harambe while walking around campus.

Taylor Lang

Sophomore Keelie Hotchkiss, as well as her roommates, decided to post their "RIP HARAMBE" message in their quad window facing campus. According to The Daily Orange, two of the roommates had written messages on their windows last year including "KANYE 2020" and "IT'S LIT."

Harambe is the gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens who was shot and killed by park rangers after a three-year-old fell into his enclosure. The rangers were concerned for the child's safety after the gorilla began interacting with him. The public went wild with debates on who is at fault and who should be punished for the death of Harambe. Some even went as far as creating memes in his remembrance and as a way to revolt about the treatment of animals.

The Watson Hall “RIP Harambe” has earned a lot of attention on campus over the past few days. It started to gain traction when Hotchkiss tweeted a picture of it, she said in an email to The Daily Orange.

Students have been commenting all over campus about the sign. It can be seen from University Place, one of the busiest walkways on campus. Some students are tweeting about it, while others have different opinions. 

Some of the freshmen walking on campus reacted by pointing and laughing. When asked about their reaction, they said to Fresh U:

It's hilarious. I absolutely love it and I think that they should keep it up all year. It was fun to have something like this to make us laugh while finding our way on campus (Nicollette Donato).
I think it is funny, but I have seen the memes and don't understand why it is such a big deal (Chelsea Siegal).

There's a lot of pressure if the sign goes down for a better one to replace it. Campus has now designated this quad window as their message board, as it has sparked so many conversations between new and old students. 

Thanks, Harambe (#RIP), for helping us kick off syllabus week!

Lead Image Credit: Taylor Lang

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Taylor Lang - Syracuse University

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