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Mar 24 2016
by Taylor Lang

Student Athletes Practice More Than Part-Time Workers Can Legally Work

By Taylor Lang - Mar 24 2016

The number of hours that student athletes devote to their sport is now under scrutiny, according to Inside Higher Ed. A study that has been researching the time commitments of college athletes by the National Collegiate Athletic Association since 2006 has found scary details.


Athletes who play for high-ranking sports that produce a lot of money tend to spend more than 40 hours a week doing sport-related activities. That is more than the Fair Labor Standards Act allows part-time workers to work. Even ‘volunteer’ activities that are related to sports are being forced upon the athletes with threats of being kicked off of the team if they don’t show up.

Strangely enough, the NCAA decided that more time is needed to do more research before any action is taken to reduce the demands on athletic students. 


Even though a lot of major athletes get athletic scholarships that help them to pay for college, it is important that they are able to get the educational opportunities that other students get. Many of the athletes who were asked what takes a back seat because of training stated that it was sleeping and school work. No wonder many colleges are having academic fraud issues when their players don’t have time to do their homework.


While sports are a huge part of many college campuses, the athletes who play them need to be able to enjoy their educational experiences, too. Even though a lot of students love the sport that they play, they should be able to practice less and enjoy college more.


Lead Image Credit: College Football Hall of Fame by Tysto via Wikicommons

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Taylor Lang - Syracuse University

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