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Sep 27 2016
by Taylor Lang

Snapchat, Facebook, And Google Are All Making It Easy For You To Register To Vote

By Taylor Lang - Sep 27 2016

Snapchat is partnering with Turbovote to make it easier to register to vote than ever before, according to TeenVogue.

Ads to register to vote can be seen between Stories and Discover on Snapchat, according to Mashable. From there, you can swipe up and it will take you to Turbovote's website, which is mobile compatible, where you can register quickly and easily. This feature will end on October 7.

In order to advance the campaign for young people to register and grab people's interest, celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Ryan Seacrest, and Jared Leto have recorded videos for the ads being played. By swiping up during their videos, you are taken to the Turbovote page to register.

Nielsen Data states that the multimedia platform (Snapchat) reaches 41% of all Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 (a.k.a. millennial age) on any given day, according to TeenVogue.

In addition to Snapchat, Google has made registration easier. When you search "how to vote" on Google, simple directions will come up for you that are detailed to your state, according to TeenVogue. Some of the details include what you need when you vote at the polls and when absentee ballots are due (which is a great tool for college students who go to school in a different state). If you need paperwork for your state, it will help you coordinate that.

Courtesy of Google via TeenVogue

Facebook also got in on the registration campaign. Last week, they had an ad asking about voter registration at the very top of every person's news feed. The link took them to It also allowed people to share that they were registered in order to make it a social campaign. This happened for four days.

In all, Facebook estimates 1.5 million people were registered as a result of its reminders on Facebook during the primaries, according to USA Today.

USA Today Network also launched a website,, in order to promote people to take part in their right to vote, which millions of people across the world don't have.

Today, September 27, is National Voter Registration Day, so take advantage of one of these tools so that your voice can be heard on election day. We may be in college, and for most of us, this may be our first election that we can vote in, but it is important to figure out who you want to be President based off of debates and your own research.

Lead Image Credit: Voting; Cali4beach via Flickr Commons

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