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Mar 31 2016
by Taylor Lang

Online Sororities Are Becoming A Thing

By Taylor Lang - Mar 31 2016
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The newest style of a sorority has been discovered, reports Total Sorority Move. And the coolest part? It’s digital.

Annaliese Nielsen decided to make an online Facebook group called “Girls Night In” that has grown into an exclusive membership group with 2,000 women who range from eighteen years old to mid-forty. The process to become a member is almost as rigorous as joining a sorority, and the time commitment is definitely close to the same.

ABC News

In order to join, at least three veteran members have to nominate you before you go through a trial period to see if you are deemed as worthy. Once you are in, the veteran members actually monitor you to see if you are participating enough to continue being a part of the group. If you aren’t, you are kicked out.

This online sorority is exclusive, but it is meant to be a safe place to be able to talk about anything that life brings with confidence and security. The design of the group is in no way like “Mean Girls.” The goal is to bring women closer together in confidence and happiness to allow them to be able to have close bonds with others. They feel that if you are not participating in enough conversations and giving each other support, then there is no reason for you to be a part of the group. The number one rule: What happens in the group stays in the group. If you spill, you lose all trust and are out of the group. To learn more about the group, watch the full Good Morning America video here.

ABC News

Do you like the idea of a social media sorority? Anyone can start Facebook groups, so is this the next step in the digitization of reality? All of these women feel extremely comforted and supported by their group, so maybe it could be a good thing, especially if college sororities are not for you.

Lead Image Credit: ABC News

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