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Apr 07 2016
by Taylor Lang

Is Your School A Top 'Party Tweeting' School?

By Taylor Lang - Apr 07 2016

Have you ever wondered about where your school stands when it comes to partying or drinking? These studies are easy to find. But a new study has been created by the content marketing firm Fractl and released by, according to Huffington Post. This study ranks colleges based off of how much they tweet about their partying and drinking.

The study used geolocation to find tweets within a 3-mile radius of the epicenter of each college campus. (This could cause some error, since no one can be positive that all of the tweets in this area are truly students.) Any tweet that included words such as “booze,” “wine,” “beer,” “alcohol,” “drunk,” or “drinking” was counted.


Interestingly enough, some of the schools that are considered the top party schools did not place accordingly when it comes to tweet counts. Playboy considered the University of Pennsylvania the number one party school in 2014, yet it ranked behind two other Ivy League schools and didn’t place in the top ten for the study.

So what are the rankings? Did your school place? Find out here:

When you think about it, what colleges have a ‘better reputation?’ Those who are considered top party schools, or those who are the top "party tweeting" schools? Share what you think using #MySchoolRep.

Lead Image Credit: Party; ISO 69 via Flickr Commons

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