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Mar 31 2016
by Taylor Lang

Is Yale Moving To Florida?

By Taylor Lang - Mar 31 2016

According to The Chronicle, the Florida governor, Rick Scott, has stated that he would welcome Yale with open arms to the sunshine state.


An “attack on higher education” was made towards Yale when the legislature of Connecticut proposed to levy a tax income. The $25.6-billion endowment has also caused issues with the federal government. They started looking into where the money from the endowment goes to at Yale and 55 other private colleges. The tax on Yale’s investment income would take a lot of money away from the University, making a lot of people upset.


In the hopes of moving Yale to Florida, Rick Scott communicated with Tom Conry, Yale University’s spokesperson:

“We would welcome a world-renowned university like Yale to our state and I can commit that we will not raise taxes on their endowment,” Governor Scott said, according to The Orlando Sentinel. “This would add yet another great university to our state.”

Conry's response: “It’s wonderful to be recognized as an outstanding asset, but Yale, New Haven, and Connecticut have been on common ground to great mutual benefit for 300 years. We’re looking forward to reaching even greater heights in education, research and civic engagement over the next three centuries and more.”


For the students who were looking forward to the sun, the option to transfer is always there, because it doesn’t look like Yale is moving anytime soon.

Lead Image Credit: The Sterling Law Building of the Yale Law School,  Ragesoss via Wikicommons

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