For those of us who are in college, instant ramen noodles are usually a staple food. This new study done in Korea might make you change your mind while shopping before moving into college. According to Fast Coexist, those who eat instant noodles of any kind at least twice a week increases your chances of a heart disease, diabetes, or even a stroke.

South Koreans eat more instant noodles than anyone else on Earth. In 2010, they munched and slurped their way through 3.4 billion packages (Fast Coexist).

Instant noodles are associated with a bad diet no matter where in the world you are. Most of the time, educated people who have bad diets still tend to stay away from instant noodles, whereas people of lower income or those who are uneducated tend to have them as a staple part of their diet.

The researchers, led by Hyun Joon Shin of Baylor University, identified two main kinds of diet in the country: The traditional dietary pattern, which is "rich in rice, fish, vegetables, fruit, and potatoes," and the meat and fast-food pattern, "with less rice intake but rich in meat, soda, fried food, and fast food including instant noodles."

Needless to say, ramen will still be prevalent all over college campuses. But for those of you who are trying to not gain the Freshmen 15, or those of you who are trying to remain healthy, I suggest staying away from them and all other instant noodles! (PB and J sandwiches were my go to!)

Lead Image Credit: Ben Mason; Ramen via Flickr Commons