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Nov 27 2015
by Taylor Lang

How Spongebob Has Helped Us To Be Better College Students

By Taylor Lang - Nov 27 2015

1. How To Root For Our Sports Teams

You are in college now.  How your school does in sports determines your bragging rights.

2. How To Study

Welcome to college!  Even if you hadn't studied in highschool, that changes now.

3. How To Calm Down During Finals Week

We are definitely gonna need to know how to do this.

4. Just Embrace No Shave November -- Everyone Does It

Some guys will look like hobos and other guys will be like hairless cats.  Embrace it.

5. Savor Any Food That Tastes Good

Dorm food is not like home cooking.  If you come across good food do NOT let it go to waste!

6. Be Honest With Your Professors

There are going to be some confusing times...always be honest with your professor if it will help you.

7. Quarters Are So Important

Quarters are essential to laundry and your cleanliness so stock up.

8. How To Think Critically

Writing class...enough said.

9. Stranger Safety

Going from knowing everyone in high school to not knowing anyone is definitely a struggle.

10. How To Dance

This dance move will totally increase your cool factor.

11. How To Ask Your Parents For Money

Everyone has probably already asked their parents for money at this point.

12. The Truth: We Can Sleep Anywhere

After pulling an all nighter you can literally sleep anywhere.

13. Communication Without Words

When your professor is talking you and your best friend have to communicate.  This is essential.

14. How To Shake It Off

Shake it off because the haters are gonna hate.

15. Ice Cream Solves All Problems

Ice cream will literally solve anything.  So will insomnia cookies.

16. Use Your Manners

Be kind to your friends, classmates, and professors.

17. Be Honest With That Lab Partner You Just Don't Like

Sometimes, the truth just has to be told.

18. Take Time For Yourself

Make sure that you take a moment for yourself so you don't go crazy.

19. How To Deal With Your Brain When It Starts To Hurt

This will happen during finals week.

20. There Are Definitely Stupid Questions