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Apr 04 2016
by Taylor Lang

How Much Is Your College Basketball Team Worth?

By Taylor Lang - Apr 04 2016

With the NCAA Tournament almost at a close, college basketball teams are being looked at to see which ones are worth the most amount of money. According to The Wall Street Journal, Louisville still holds the top spot even with the sex-recruitment scandal they had this year.

Ryan Brewer, an assistant professor of finance at Indiana University-Purdue University, researched and analyzed the revenues and other financial aspects of each team in order to rank the teams by what they would be worth if they could be β€œbought and sold like a professional franchise.”

Where does your team rank?

To see the list of colleges ranked by just the amount of revenue they bring in, click here.

Basketball, especially during March Madness, rules the world. For the teams who got into the Final Four, it actually creates memories for the students at their colleges. As a freshman at Syracuse University, whose men and women’s teams both got into the Final Four, the campus is crazy and not a day goes by without seeing people decked out in orange. Sports are definitely a major part of a lot of college campuses and creates bonds to make the students feel united, so it's probably good they can't be bought and sold like a professional franchise. 

Lead Image Credit: March Madness Season; Supremecourtjester via Flickr Commons

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