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Mar 03 2016
by Taylor Lang

Here's How You Could Get A College Degree For $1,000

By Taylor Lang - Mar 03 2016

A new Kickstarter campaign has turned a lot of heads. Slate has reported that this new Kickstarter campaign is proposing a program called Teachur that will allow students to get a college degree for $1,000 – raising over $34,000 since the Kickstarter campaign launched February 1.

Josh Stanley and Ben Blair, who are former professors and veterans in educational design and technology, have come up with this idea to revolutionize the college system.

Competency Based Education is an alternative option to degree granting. It looks for the strengths within students and their learning. Whereas there are a lot of other companies that are trying to do this same kind of idea model wise, they are for-profit groups that still require students to pay $20,000-$30,000. Teachur is designed to cost way less money per student.


If you were to go about getting a degree with Teachur, you would be able to research degrees to find one that suits you. Once you determine which degree you would like to pursue, a list is given to you of all of the things that you have to accomplish in order to get that degree. Going about this in any way that you learn best, you can learn through study groups, community college classes, books, podcasts, or instructional videos; you are learning in the style that will best help you to succeed.


Another bonus: you will not pay any money until you go to take your tests. These tests will cost money in order to make sure that students are not cheating. The $1,000 will also include money for face-to-face oral examinations by counselors when going through some course assessments.

Teachur is still a work in progress, but the idea of being able to learn in whatever fashion that suits you individually without having to get thousands of dollars in debt is a very tempting idea when it comes to earning a degree. Check out their successfully funded project over at Kickstarter

Lead Image Credits: Kickstarter

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