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Mar 13 2016
by Taylor Lang

How This College Student Fights Sexism in the STEM Field Using Wikipedia

By Taylor Lang - Mar 13 2016

Emily Temple-Wood is a student at Loyola University who studies molecular biology and is also an EMT volunteer. In the STEM field, she comes across a lot of online trolls and negative harassment. According to Huffington Post, instead of getting upset about it, she decided to turn it into something positive.

Every time Temple-Wood gets a sexist email, she writes a Wikipedia article about a female scientist. She co-founded WikiProject Women Scientists, a project that hopes to add quality and quantity to the scientific women  covered on Wikipedia.


In this way, she can fill the gaps of Wikipedia and write about the women in science that people don’t know about. By turning a negative into a positive, she is able to teach others about the sciences that she loves. Other students and people have joined in the effort to write these articles, too.


Not only is Temple-Wood working towards making sure white women scientists are represented, but also to make sure that women scientists of different nationalities are also being covered. She actually thanks her harassers for helping her fight systemic bias on Wikipedia.

Barabara McClintock, Wikipedia
Fatimata Seye Sylla, Wikipedia

Emily Temple-Wood has turned her negative situation into a way to help improve the knowledge database of the women of science.  When life gives you lemons, you throw them away and write a Wikipedia article.

Lead Image Credit: Wikicommons

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