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Mar 21 2016
by Taylor Lang

High School Students Can Soon Find Their College Using BAE

By Taylor Lang - Mar 21 2016

According to Courier Post, Jabriel Crawford-Bell has won the grand prize in the "Startup Star Business Competition." Rowan College at Burlington County awarded Crawford-Bell $750 to start to create his idea, as well as a year-long membership to the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce.

What is his idea? BAE


Crawford-Bell created a business plan for an app that will help students as they try to decide what college they want to go to. Being eighteen, he understands the hardships of trying to find the college that fits him best. It is a struggle that all of us in college understand. This smart-phone app functions like a dating website.

The best part: it is called Beyond Average Education, or BAE.

“I was trying to figure out a way to make applying to college easier,” said Crawford-Bell to Courier Post. “When I was applying to colleges, it seemed a little hard to find one that I liked. I wanted to go somewhere I can meet people that share the same interests as me and offer the resources I need to make my education better."

The app is set to be created within the next two years. "My goal is to help people find their academic soulmate."


Crawford-Bell is excited to take some of the stress off of people who are trying to figure out which college they want to go to. He understands that you have to pay money for different colleges just to apply and send them different test scores and he doesn’t want students to waste money or time when it can be so much easier.

With the app, you will have a profile of your achievements and grades and it will match you with different colleges that are looking for students like you. It takes the stress off of wondering whether or not you have the chance of being accepted.

For those of us in college, it would have been so nice to have had this app. And, how fun is it to say, “I am going to go use BAE to find my college!” But besides the fun name, the benefits of being able to scroll through colleges that you match with would be incredibly stress reducing while trying to choose a college.

Lead Image Credit: Mr. Matté via Wikicommons

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