An adorable German Shepherd named Champ was adopted by Yaso Sandoval and David Zolondek from an animal shelter. The poor little guy was in a car accident and had lost a leg, so the shelter connected the new owners with Flagler Palm Coast High School in Palm Coast, Florida, according to Fox News.

Fox 35 via Fox 5 Atlanta

Because Champ had to rely on three legs to do the work of four, his muscles, tendons, and paws were wearing down from the excessive use. The school's Anatomy and Design Program decided to use 3D printing to create Champ a prosthetic leg.

Fox News

“I’ve never had any projects relating to dogs, building a prosthetic leg, even 3-D printing so it was a unique and a huge learning experience,” Rafael Santiago, a student at Flagler Palm Coast High, told the Fox News.

One of the models for the leg was actually a tank based off of the movie "Fury." The students really enjoyed being able to work with Champ and coming up with ideas and prosthetic leg options that allowed him to continue to live a happy and mostly normal dog life.

Fox News

The technology and science that the students used is incredible, but what really touches our hearts is that it is all for the happiness of Champ. For the full video, and to see a super cute german shepherd, click here.

Lead Image Credit: Dog fitted with prosthetic leg designed by high school students; Kelly Joyce via Fox News